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Graphics are equal to reality

With the constant effort of the group and at the financial and scientific cost in this direction, and finally, by the grace of God, everything is possible


We use special artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence

A different reaction is a sign of one of the best AI designs.

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The scales and size of the model are almost normal

Size and Scale

If there is a default model, it is measured from the model and made with the same size.

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Most materials are obtained from real texturing

Materials and textures

If there is a default model, the texture model is removed and turned into a material.

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The design of the modeling is completely unique


It’s valuable to us when we are the first to design a model from the city Hashtgerd and you are satisfied.

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My experience

“Through effort, perseverance and asking God for help, man will achieve the goals he has in mind.”

Seyed Hamidreza Seyed Alikhani • App Developer

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